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  • Choose a surf instruction with local surf school.

  • Never surf alone. It’s always safer to have a buddy.

  • Before entering study the water’s conditions, the coastal features(rocks, holes, signs, flags etc.) and most importantly their currents to match your ability.

Keep in mind that 90% of all surf accidents happen within the white water or shore break. During the paddle out and coming in.

  • Hold your board as you enter and don’t ride onto the beach.

  • Always use correct equipment for your ability and use a safety leash and wax every session.

  • Respect all surfers and local surf advice(wisdom)-they have been here longer than you and know better.

  • Always be aware of surfers in all directions who could be on a wave already. Never turn your back on the ocean, things happen fast out there.

  • If you see a surfer coming at you down the line adjust your line to avoid quickly. Never ditch your board, hold on and do a turtle roll.

  • To avoid surfers don’t always try to out run them, sometimes you need to paddle into the impact zone to avoid collision.

  • If you are not ready to manage the impact zone maybe it is best to change to a mellower location, with more instruction, and extra classes from local instructors.

Surfing is an amazing experience and a connection with nature but you have to be safe, strong and peaceful to keep the vibe high while you practice and learn the ways of the ocean.

Pura vida, enjoy your Costa Rican surf experience!

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