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If you are a waterperson, want to give back to your ocean sharing community and save lives, this is for you!

Here in Santa Teresa with the Santa Teresa lifeguards we will be leading our very own academy where we share our expertise and skills so you gain all the tools needed in order to become an excellent lifeguard.

Below you can find some information on the Academy, we will keep you posted for more!

~Drowning Resuscitation & First Aid (following international standards) will be part of the Academy curriculum.

~Training for lifesaving will include rescue simulations where you learn to approach a victim, and practice rescues with different equipment. Including rescue boards, cans, and tubes.

~swim times will be taken as they are important in the line of work to demonstrate your comfort and adaptability.

~The STLG Academy graduates will receive a certificate from STLG certifying their completion of a 70 hour curriculum.

~The certificate will be valid to volunteer with Santa Teresa lifeguards, and other organizations accepting volunteers ( the acceptance of our certificate for international associations all vary depending on what guarding courses they recognize and allow ).

~Cost is $200 ( all proceeds go directly to Santa Teresa Lifeguards)

50% deposit will be requested 1 month in advance to secure a spot in the academy.

( food is included in the price-please inform us beforehand of any special diets or allergies. )

The daily schedule will look like this..

8am-12am lectures at the lifeguard headquarters.

12 am-1pm LUNCH at STLG team house.

2:30 pm- 4:30 pm OCEAN training at Zeneidas Lifeguard tower.

If any further questions feel free to contact us-

Thank you so much for your interest

And see you there!

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