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One year ago we started showing you our statistics and these are the results:



First Aids-108


This year we hosted 69 talented lifeguards from 6 different countries. Together as team we have experienced challenges and growth, rainy and sunny days and will continue to dedicate our work to provide safety to the people that enjoy the beautiful beaches of Santa Teresa.

MATIAS ETCHENIQUE is our team captain, here is what he had to say after acknowledging the numbers of this year with continuous crew changes and difficult ocean conditions.

‘’Being STLG Leader, or oldest player, is both very challenging and motivating at the same time. The constant changing of the team members, brings fresh energy and new motivations, but it also brings the challenge of getting them ready for the game that this ocean plays, a dangerous game with big waves, strong currents and limited resources.

Strong water women and men from all over the world, bring their own experience and wisdom to the team, which pushes our program and participants to keep improving and evolving. But at the end we always go back to the beginning and to our mission - protect the beaches of Santa Teresa and to look after people’s safety.’’

As the Santa Teresa Lifeguard team we would like to thank our donors and community for the support as well as all of our volunteer lifeguards throughout this year. We truly appreciate the hard work everyone has been doing.

If you would like to join our team as a lifeguard or collaborate in some other way, remember it is never too late to reach out and take a part in the STLG efforts.

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