Our headquarters have a gym open to the public, with machines and free weights for all types of training. With your donation, we can guarantee longer hours of presence in the towers, better equipment and hire more professional lifeguards.


Our headquarters and gym are in the center of Santa Teresa, 100 meters north of the soccer field. In the middle of the jungle, and at only steps from the beach, you will find an open-air gym fully equipped with machines, free weights, kettle bells, spinning bikes, exercise balls, boxes and more equipment for all kinds of training and levels.​

Our facilities count with parking, restrooms, and showers. With a great variety of prompts and enough space to do comfortably and freely exercises and movements.

​The STLG gym is financial support of the lifeguard program. A positive, multicultural, healthy, and safe place, in which your training will gain double purpose.​

You train, we save lives.​

Open Everyday
8 a.m. - 8 pm.​

Day pass ₡5,000

Week pass ₡15,000

Month pass ₡35,000



Supported by: Barefoot Luxury RE & GoGrow